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Heating Repair & Installation in Oregon City, OR

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Sunset Heating & Cooling - Heating services in Oregon City, OR

Heating repairs and maintenance are an essential part of life for every homeowner. Without tune-ups and ongoing maintenance, your heater would eventually not work and cause some uncomfortable circumstances. Not only can heater malfunctions cause cold days and nights, but there is also the possibility of dangerous situations such as fire, explosions, and carbon monoxide poisoning. So, if you're in need of heating repair or other HVAC services, give Sunset Heating & Cooling a call ASAP! We also serve the neighboring areas, including West Linn, Gladstone, Tualatin, Milwaukie, and Lake Oswego.

We pride ourselves on our customer care. Be sure to visit our reviews page to see why we’re the heating service company neighbors trust most.

Furnace Repair in Oregon City

During the chilly winter season, living without adequate heat isn't exactly something that anyone would want. Heat is essential not only to safeguard your family from colds and the flu but also to protect the investment you've made in your home. If any of your heating systems are experiencing issues, reach out to Sunset Heating & Cooling immediately. Trust us, and you won't have to fret about your home heating systems anymore. With over three decades of experience, we have been dedicated to ensuring the warmth and satisfaction of Oregon City residents. As one of the leading HVAC contractors of residential home heating services in Oregon, we are committed to surpassing expectations and restoring your heating systems to their optimal performance.

Sunset Heating & Cooling excels in comprehensive furnace repair, addressing issues with various heating systems:

Gas Furnaces: Our skilled technicians adeptly handle gas furnace malfunctions, ensuring optimal performance, increased efficiency, and a warm home.

Oil Furnaces: Count on us for efficient oil furnace repairs, resolving issues promptly, and restoring your heating system's functionality with precision.

Electric Furnaces: With expertise in electric furnace repairs, we guarantee a swift diagnosis and effective solutions, ensuring your home remains comfortably warm.

Furnace Installation & Replacement Services in Oregon City

In Oregon City, Sunset Heating & Cooling offers top-notch furnace installation & replacement services, ensuring optimal heating solutions for every home. With years of expertise, we guarantee a seamless installation or replacement process, optimizing efficiency and performance. Whether it's a new gas furnace installation or replacing an outdated, old furnace, our professionals prioritize precision and customer satisfaction.

Our dedicated team meticulously analyzes each household's specific needs to recommend the most suitable furnace or other heating system. We educate every homeowner about the pluses and minuses of each type of furnace system. For example, natural gas furnaces are known for their high efficiency of up to 98%, and are widely favored across the US. However, oil furnaces, common in the northeastern states, offer efficiency ranging between 80-90%. The upfront cost of gas furnaces can be 25% higher, which makes Oregon City heating via oil furnaces an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers.

Electric furnaces, while easier to install and boasting a longer lifespan, come with a caveat. Despite their initial affordability, they can be considerably more expensive to operate than gas-burning units, reflected in higher monthly electric bills. Whether opting for the efficiency of natural gas or the cost-effectiveness of oil, residents in Oregon City should weigh their priorities when it comes to furnace choices and be mindful of long-term expenses.

Heat Pump Repair & Installation in Oregon City

When it comes to heat pumps, our HVAC company offers unparalleled expertise and customer satisfaction in Oregon City, OR. We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch HVAC solutions tailored to your needs. Our skilled technicians specialize in both repair and installation services, ensuring efficient and reliable heating and cooling for your home. Whether it's fixing a malfunctioning heat pump or installing a new, energy-efficient system, we handle it with precision and professionalism. Always trust Sunset Heating & Cooling for comprehensive heat pump repair and heat pump installation or replacement, and let us enhance your home's comfort with our dedicated commitment to excellence.

Reasons Your Heater May Need Repair

In every heater’s life, something will eventually break down or need repair. Here are some of the signs to watch to avoid system failure:

  • Air Filter - Air filters can cause a lot of problems if they are not cleaned and replaced regularly. The time between cleanings can vary depending on your circumstances but it should never go beyond six months in a residential home with more than one occupant. Dirty filters can cause blockages, poor air quality, and motor issues.
  • Motor - The motor in your central heating system can have several functions. It can be connected to the blower and ignition source. The motor can malfunction from simple wear and tear.
  • Ductwork - The ductwork in your home plays an important role in your HVAC system. It is the highway that the war, air travels to get to the space it needs to heat. Ductwork can become dirty, break, or warp and cause several issues. These issues include poor air quality, poor airflow, and increased energy costs.
  • Thermostat - Your thermostat is what tells the heating system what to do. When the thermostat malfunctions, so does the heater.

The best way to avoid any major repairs is to address these issues as soon as you notice them. With routine heating system tune-ups and ongoing maintenance service, you can easily prevent repairs and extend the lifespan of your unit.

When Should You Install a New Heating System?

At some point, you may decide you want to have a new heater installed. The reasons behind the decision can vary depending on your circumstances, but it can be the best option in a lot of cases. Here is the most common reason to replace your existing central heating system:

  • Your system is 10 years or older and you need repairs that cost at least half the price of a new system.
  • You are building a new home.
  • You wish to upgrade your current heater to a more cost-friendly and modern model.
  • You have had several repair issues that have caused poor air quality, increased energy bills, poor heating, and emergency repairs.
  • Upgrading your fuel source to one that is more eco-friendly.

Need to have a new heater installed in Oregon City, OR? Be sure to visit our coupons page for some added savings on the new furnace installation.

Why You Should Upgrade to a Heat Pump?

One popular reason for replacing and installing a new heating system is to upgrade to a newer, more eco-friendly cost-efficient option. A heat pump system has become a very popular option for homeowners. This has become even more so with many people downgrading to smaller more eco-friendly homes.

While heat pumps to heat your home is a fairly new option, this technology is not. We use this technology every day in our refrigerators. Many homeowners like this type of HVAC system because of their dual purpose.

Heat pumps are capable of heating and cooling your home. They are also very eco-friendly as they do not produce any heat, but simply transfer it from one location to another. With this concept, the system works with refrigerant coils and runs off of electricity. This makes it a more affordable option to run as well.

What Our Clients Say

Roman did an awesome job. I had the trifecta, new AC unit ,furnace and hot water heater. Courteous, and competent service. I highly recommend Sunset Heating & Cooling.

-Charles E.

Sunset went out of their way to help with my project and David was amazing. Great job and look forward to future projects.

-Todd T.

Many thanks for a great job of diagnosing, explaining and fixing our problem. We are very appreciative and will be happy to tell others.

-Greg G.

Jeremy was prompt and friendly. He did a great job of servicing our ac and explaining what he did. Great customer service!

-Jennifer M.

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