Air Handler Services in Portland

Struggling with low airflow issues in your home? Be sure to get your air handler inspected by the pros at Sunset Heating & Cooling.

Many homeowners are not aware of their air handler until something goes wrong and it needs repair. Air handlers, however, play a more important role than you would think. While there are plenty of moving parts inside your air conditioner, your air handler is responsible for distributing the air throughout your home. If it’s damaged or in need of maintenance, you could be looking at some serious discomfort in your home. At Sunset Heating & Cooling, we believe in taking our customer’s needs seriously. As a family-owned business, we strive to be the number one trusted HVAC experts in the Portland, OR area. Contact us today to learn more about our air handler services.

Looking to keep your air conditioner in top working order? Be sure to schedule your annual AC tune-up today!

What Does Your Air Handler Do?

An air handler is often confused with a furnace due to its appearance and an air conditioner due to its function, but it actually works on a very different level then both. Simply put, an air handler handles your air.

Air handlers are typically found in the basement and are connected to the split system. The air handler has three major parts. The air filter, which filters the air going through the unit, the blower, which moves the air, and the coils, which cool the air.

The air handler is responsible for cooling the air then uses its blower to circulate the cooled air throughout the home via the duct system. When you’re facing an air handler repair issue, you could be in for some uncomfortable times in your home.

Signs the Air Handler Is Damaged

Like anything else, your air handler can malfunction and need repair or replacement. There are three main reasons why your air handler might breakdown, and watching for these signs and symptoms can help you ward off unexpected repairs.

  • Poor Airflow - If you experience poor airflow or air that is not cooling off properly, you may need repair. A common cause of this is when there is an obstruction of some kind in the duct system. Making sure this area is clean and without debris can help the issue.
  • Motor Repair - If the unit has trouble starting, or doesn’t start at all, you may have a problem with the blower motor. This is a mechanical issue that will require a professional to repair.
  • Air Filters - Air filters can cause many issues when they are not cleaned and replaced often. Poor airflow, increased allergies, and blockages in the system can all be signs that your air filters need to be replaced.

While these are the three most common reasons for your air handler to breakdown, there can be other issues. If you hear banging noises, notice odd smells, or see any leaks from your system, you should contact an experienced HVAC technician.

A damaged air handler may just be part of a larger issue. If your home is struggling to keep cool, it may be time to consider an air conditioner replacement service.

Remember to Schedule Annual Tune-Up

Because of the importance of your air handler to your heating and cooling system, it’s critical to keep up with routine inspection and service. At Sunset Heating & Cooling, we are your reliable Portland, OR air handler pros. Best of all, you can also see an improvement in air quality and performance, as your filters are replaced as needed. We offer detailed solutions that provide you with a cost-effective method to keep major emergency repairs at bay.

Sunset Heating & Cooling is the expert HVAC specialists in the Portland area. We have over a century of experience in repairing, installing and servicing air handlers. Call us at (503) 500-5866 to enjoy quality solutions today!