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Here in Oregon, homeowners are used to harsh, unforgiving winters. It’s a given that most residents will have a heating system, because the alternative could spell disaster for the home and its household.

With all this in mind, it’s no wonder the experts at Sunset Heating & Cooling are ready to keep their Banks, OR neighbors equipped with heating systems that stay in top condition. Our team can take care of heating repair, heating system installation, or any other service that homeowners might need to get through those cold days and nights.

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When To Call a Heating Service Company

Most homeowners only know the basics of HVAC maintenance, and even then it can be difficult to recognize the signs that your system needs help. Some things to keep in mind include:

  • Heat dispersing unevenly throughout the home
  • Sudden and frustrating shutdowns of the system
  • Rattling or thumping sounds whenever the unit is turned on
  • A clear lack of heat even when the system is in use

Once homeowners notice one or several of these problems, it’s time to call a professional. These things don’t fix themselves, and waiting too long can just give a problem the chance to get even worse!

Is It Time for a Heating System Installation?

Unfortunately, even if homeowners do everything in their power to keep their heating system working properly, nothing lasts forever. A standard heater can last 15-20 years, and once it gets old enough, nothing one does can save it. At that point, the only solution is heater replacement.
But that’s not a bad thing! After all, new usually equals better. Here are some benefits of heater installation:

  • Better indoor air quality and greater performance
  • Less energy used and therefore less money spent
  • More efficient and up-to-date technology

These are things every homeowner can look forward to, even when saying goodbye to an old system. Call us to make heating installation service as easy as possible!

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When it comes to heater repair, maintenance, or installation, homeowners should have someone on hand that they can trust. That’s what we at Sunset Heating & Cooling are here to provide!

Our technicians are trained, licensed, and experienced with any heating problem you and your family could face. It’s the sort of fast and reliable service that can save homeowners during even the coldest of winters. Don’t miss out on the best heating help around!

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