Expert Sherwood AC Repair and AC Replacement

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The air conditioner is one of the most crucial indoor home comforts we get to enjoy. Without it, some times of the year might be truly unlivable! So it shouldn’t be any surprise when an air conditioner breakdown can ruin your day.

Sherwood, OR homeowners can feel safe in the knowledge that they have a trained, experienced, and dependable HVAC company in Sunset Heating & Cooling. Don’t hesitate to call us if you ever notice your AC lagging behind on the efficiency it should have.

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AC Maintenance Is a Must

It might seem unnecessary, but scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance is one of the best things you could do for your cooling system. This is because, like any other appliance, air conditioners get old, develop wear and tear, and eventually lose the efficiency that you depend on them for. Routine maintenance can make the AC last longer, work better, and save you money while doing so!

Our team makes maintenance as easy as possible for your convenience, and there’s nothing like the peace of mind you get from an air conditioning system that always works when it needs to.

Call for Dependable AC Repair Service

There’s nothing more irritating than turning on the air conditioner only for it to not cool the home. Not only does it mean things are about to get hot, it also means you have to go through the hassle of AC repair.
Except, calling Sunset Heating & Cooling is anything but a hassle. Our technicians can come to fix your cooling system so easily that you’ll be left looking forward to the next time they’re needed. If you’ve noticed the unit rattle ominously or refuse to cool certain areas of the home, it might be time to see if the AC unit needs repair, and there’s no one better to call than us!

Reliable AC service is just a call away. Contact us and make sure your home is as comfortable as you deserve it to be.

Is It Time for AC Replacement?

Like anything else, your air conditioner will eventually get too old to function. Some signs that it’s getting there include:

  • The air conditioner is reaching 15-20 years old
  • The unit needs constant repair
  • Utility costs rise uncontrollably

It’s better to replace now than to wait for a complete breakdown. Our team can ensure a smooth transition from your old and worn system to a new and improved air conditioner!

Sherwood, OR homeowners can always trust Sunset Heating & Cooling for expert air conditioning services. Contact us online or dial (503) 500-5866 to schedule service today.