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The Best Thermostat Settings For Each Season of The Year

Keeping Your HVAC Efficient With Proper Thermostat Settings

While many homeowners are tempted to drastically change their thermostat setting when the weather starts to get warmer in the summer or cooler in the winter, knowing the best setting for each season can end up saving them a significant amount of money in the long term.

In addition, it can also help save energy and reduce the home’s carbon footprint, which is great not only for the homeowner but also for the environment! Just making a few small changes will make a huge difference.

The Best Thermostat Setting for Cold Months

cold monthsNo matter where the home is located, the best thermostat setting for the cold throughout the country tends to surprise most people.

As temperatures start to drop in the fall and through the winter months, the thermostat setting that maximizes both energy and money savings while also keeping the home comfortable is actually 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is this varies too greatly from what the family is used to, it can be slowly dropped by a degree a week until 70 degrees Fahrenheit is reached.

By simply dressing warmer, using blankets, and slowly adjusting to the recommended thermostat setting, the impact on the people in the home is small, while the impact on the electricity bill adds up quickly.

The Best Thermostat Setting for Warm Months

As the weather warms back up in the springtime and into the summer, no matter where the homeowner is located in the country, most people are tempted to turn on the air conditioning and turn it way, way down. However, changing the thermostat setting to 78 degrees Fahrenheit is actually the optimal temperature.

warm months

While this sounds really warm to many people used to being able to see their own breath in the house, it minimizes the impact on the HVAC unit while remaining comfortable. To help with the adjustment, make sure to use ceiling fans appropriately (in the counterclockwise direction to help push the cool air down and pull the hot air up toward the ceiling). The impact will be noticed immediately.

What To Do When No One is Home

empty houseWhile the settings mentioned above, 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the cold months and 78 degrees Fahrenheit in the warm months, are the best for homes that are occupied for the majority of the day, there is also an optimal setting for homes that stay empty during the day.

Keeping the home at this temperature helps ease the transition for homeowners and their families coming home from work and school, while also saving money and the environment. When the home is empty, the temperature should simply be adjusted by 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, in the cold months, an empty home should be kept at 65 degrees Fahrenheit. In the warmer months, it should be set to 83 degrees Fahrenheit. One of the best and easiest ways to make this change is to purchase a smart thermostat that is able to be programmed to automatically change the setting at specific times of the day.

It can be tempting to change it more than that in an attempt to save additional money, but that actually ends up being counterintuitive as it will require more energy to then adjust it to the optimal thermostat setting for having the family home.

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