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How Often Should I Service My AC?

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Is your air conditioner grumbling? Do you hear, see, or smell anything unusual from your HVAC system?

HVAC system breakdowns may stem from poor maintenance and faulty installation. HVAC systems aren't exclusive to your air conditioning unit; they include your furnace and ventilation systems.

You can keep your HVAC system running smoothly by scheduling an annual service for maintenance and other necessary adjustments.

Learn more about the importance of AC maintenance below.

Air Conditioner Servicing: Why You Should Service Your AC Once a Year

A lot can happen in one year, even to your air handlers. Your HVAC system can face many problems in one year, including dirt accumulation, mechanical failure, and overheating.

AC maintenance also involves how you manage other components. While it is critical, your air conditioner is only one part of your entire HVAC system.

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. However, your air conditioner is most likely linked to independent HVAC systems, making AC maintenance critical.

You should be especially observant of an annual AC service if your air conditioner has passed its prime.

How Long Should an Air Conditioning Unit Last?

An air conditioner has a typical lifespan of fifteen to twenty years. Your air conditioner may only last a third of that if you don't keep up with AC maintenance tasks.

You paid an HVAC contractor top dollar for a prime air conditioning unit and its proper installation. Cutting costs for routine preventative maintenance can render all that work useless.

Annual maintenance service is relatively inexpensive. However, adjustments and repairs may incur additional costs. Still, they are equally necessary and are part of overall AC maintenance.

How Much Do Air Conditioner Tune-ups Cost?

The cost of tuning up air handlers varies, but one thing is for sure: it won't cost you as much as a new air conditioner.

Pay for tune-up fees now; you won't have to pay more when they break down later. Poorly maintained air conditioners can be a real pain, especially if you live in extreme or erratic weather conditions.

Schedule regular tune-ups before the time HVAC systems typically do the most work.

The Benefits of Annual AC Maintenance Services

There are plenty of benefits to regular maintenance, which may include but are not exclusive to the following:

  1. Energy efficiency
  2. Lower utility costs
  3. Secure electrical connections
  4. Stable refrigerant levels and coils
  5. Cleaner indoor air quality

You can also indirectly feel the benefits of a professional maintenance service. You can see, hear, smell, and feel how much better your air conditioner performs after a thorough AC service.

Remember, neglecting tune-ups before the hot summer months makes your air conditioner more susceptible to exposure. You may notice the impact of the summer months on your latest electric bill.

Don't worry; HVAC professionals can help keep your electricity bills at bay all summer. Of course, you can service your air conditioner yourself.

However, you can also hire professional AC maintenance services. No matter who does it, you need to get your air conditioning unit to work properly against harsh outdoor temperatures.

Keep your air conditioner in tip-top shape to protect it against the effects of the summer heat.

How Often are AC Services Needed?

We already know that an AC service should be scheduled at least once a year. However, remember that timing also plays a critical role.

An annual inspection and maintenance service is necessary, but when you schedule them impacts their developments.

If you have a heating system, it's best to tune them up before winter rolls around because that's when they need to do the most work. The same goes for your cooling system or any other HVAC system.

Additionally, different elements of your air conditioner have varying requirements. While some components only require annual servicing, others may need them more often.

How Often Should I service my Air Conditioner: Air Filters

Routine maintenance prevents your air conditioner from stalling or spiking your energy bills. Remember, if your air conditioner stalls, it can influence the rest of your cooling or heating systems.

It can all begin with a dirty air filter. Dirty air filters are enough to cause a detrimental domino effect.

The air filter can accumulate enough dirt in two months to impact your air conditioner and hinder its functions. It's best to clean out air filters every couple of months.

However, it would be best if you inspected accessible filters to gauge the cleaning frequency they require.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Your air conditioner works conjunct other devices. Their links are sophisticated, and caring for them must meet specific standards. 

Don't be intimidated by these "standards." It can be as easy as throwing a tarpaulin cover on your furnace during sweltering summer months.

However, there are more comprehensive tips we should all keep in mind regarding air conditioner maintenance.

Here are some tips you should keep in mind:

    Take note of any unusual indications from your AC system. It is best to keep track of any unusual noises, odors, and leaks from your AC system.Whether it's dirty filters, leaking condensate drain, or overheating motors, you will notice warning signs.

    You may notice leaks if there's a tear in your condensate line. If you leave that leak for too long, your air conditioning will slowly deteriorate.

    Immediately acting on warning signals is important; waiting too long may worsen minor concerns. Keep an eye on your AC unit for seemingly minor problems if you want your home properly air-conditioned all year long.

  • AIR CONDITIONERS REQUIRE PROPER INSTALLATIONYou can properly service your air conditioner with routine maintenance, but services begin before you even buy the AC unit.You can service your air conditioner by choosing an appropriate AC unit for your home. If you want clean and reliable cool air that lasts, ensure you choose an AC unit that can keep up with your home's demands.

    Choosing an AC system that is too small may overwhelm its motors. An inadequate system for your home may require more frequent maintenance services. It is equally true for adequate systems with improper installations.

    Ensure all components are installed properly to avoid unnecessary maintenance fees in the future.

    If you hear your condenser making noises, it's most likely due to the condenser coil. However, it would be best if you resisted the urge to dismantle or handle your coils, especially outdoor ones.Your air conditioner's condenser coil is up against outdoor elements. The outdoor coil plays an imperative role in facilitating coolant levels.

    The same goes for your air conditioner's evaporator coil. The evaporator coil is within the air handler inside your home.

    While condenser coils directly tap in and out of coolant storage, the indoor coil also affects refrigerant levels. Refrigerants are hazardous chemicals and dangerous to touch with your bare hands.

    Leave your air conditioning coils to the experts with the right equipment and know-how to handle them safely.

Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced Annually

If you ask yourself, "if I service my air conditioner by myself, will my AC still benefit from yearly maintenance?

Unless you are equipped with the right tools and skills, there are no better alternatives for professional services. AC repair or replacement is a comprehensive job that should be left to professionals.

While you may clean certain areas of your air conditioning or duct system, only an AC technician can safely and effectively give them the boost they need.

An HVAC tech can do more for your AC than clean out its condensate drain. However, that's not true of all technicians.

Only Trust Reliable Professionals

Trust us when we say you won't save money by enlisting inexperienced experts to service your air conditioner. If you really want to "save money," only entrust your HVAC system to trustworthy professionals.

System installation

An HVAC system has various components, which all require proper installation. An inexperienced technician may improperly install one part by prioritizing another, which may negatively impact the entire AC unit.

AC maintenance

Proper installation is one thing, but more is needed to guarantee lasting stability. If a dependable HVAC technician installed the entire system, it would only be as reliable as the "experts" who service your air conditioner.

HVAC Repair

Any heating or cooling system will require some repair down the line. Still, improper repairs may lead to various hazards. Trusting an inexperienced technician with significant repairs won't only cost you financially but may put your safety on the line.

Need a Reliable HVAC Technician in Oregon?

Finding the right professionals who are right for you can be a tall order. Where are the experts who can guarantee efficiency while keeping your comfort and satisfaction their utmost priority?

If you need help finding where to start looking, we got just the guys for you.

Sunset Heating & Cooling

Sunset Heating & Cooling provides comprehensive AC maintenance services throughout Portland, Oregon, if you need reliable cooling services that ensure beneficial results.

Our guys are there if you need something as significant as an extensive AC repair or even just to defrost your condensate pump when it freezes during cooler seasons!

For emergency AC Services in Portland: Call us now at (503) 500-5866

What Our Clients Say

Eduardo provided excellent service when he repaired our AC. I felt his effort was over and above expected. Polite and professional at all times. Good job!

-William G.

Jeremy was knowledgeable, personable, and took the time to explain things. Highly recommend his service.

-Scott B.

Jeremy was prompt and friendly. He did a great job of servicing our ac and explaining what he did. Great customer service!

-Jennifer M.

Many thanks for a great job of diagnosing, explaining and fixing our problem. We are very appreciative and will be happy to tell others.

-Greg G.

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