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How Much Does AC Maintenance Cost?

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Depending on what AC service your HVAC system requires, your guess is as good as ours. The average HVAC maintenance cost may range between $50 to $500. However, additional damages warrant different costs.

You might enlist AC maintenance for less than a hundred dollars and suddenly pay twice as much due to unforeseen costs for unexpected repairs. You may also pay more than the average tune-up cost if your HVAC system hasn't undergone one in a long time.

Keep up with annual tune-ups to avoid paying higher HVAC maintenance costs. Additionally, a routine tune-up helps your HVAC system against sudden mechanical failures.

Read more about HVAC maintenance and its relevant costs.

Are Air Conditioner Maintenance Services Necessary?

Yes. If that is the answer you really came here to find, we assure you; routine HVAC maintenance is necessary. 

Oregon isn't one of the colder states, you really wouldn't want a malfunctioning air conditioner in the middle of summer. Your air conditioner is a sophisticated yet vulnerable system.

Internal components must be routinely maintained to provide your home with the necessary heating and cooling. The consistency of maintenance directly impacts your air conditioner and its performance. Always consider energy efficiency in HVAC matters.

Are you experiencing subpar heating or cooling? Still, your energy bills are at an all-time high. While considering those, think about the last time you had your HVAC serviced…by a professional.

Oh, it matters. Professional AC maintenance is more comprehensive and thorough. Whether cleaning air filters, replenishing refrigerant levels, or boosting your compressor, a good old professional HVAC maintenance is more reliable than a Do It Yourself project.

You may also cause damage to your AC system by poking and prodding around mechanical components that you know nothing about. Call a professional HVAC technician.

You may be jolted by how challenging major repairs can be. You might thank your lucky stars you have a licensed HVAC technician on your side.

Is Air Conditioner Maintenance Costly?

Here is the best way to answer that question with as much accuracy as possible.

Air conditioner maintenance can be costly, but it doesn't have to be.

HVAC maintenance gets more costly the longer you go without it. Without regularly maintaining your air conditioner, you might have costly damage lurking within its darkest and most inaccessible corners.

Costly repairs are just waiting to pounce! Again, AC maintenance can be costly, but it will cost less than buying an entirely new air conditioning system. Hopefully, that helps you think twice about any reservations about maintenance fees.

What to Expect From a Professional AC Service

Regular maintenance includes but is not limited to the following:

AC Cleaning

Generally, we are told routine maintenance includes comprehensive cleaning. The flat rate of a maintenance cost typically has cleaning factored into the price. You might see technicians dismantling your unit when you get your AC serviced.

Technicians ensure your air filter, drain lines, and pans are pristine to keep your air conditioning systems operating efficiently.

Cleaning Dirty Air Filters

Your HVAC unit may need help to deliver air distribution, especially at the temperature you desire. An AC unit with a clogged or dirty air filter may deliver poor-quality airflow. You may also notice unusual odors and noises from your HVAC system.

HVAC technicians may clean your air filter, but those with any damage may need replacement parts. Air filter replacement costs vary among filter types and compound atop your annual AC service.

UNCLOGGING Clogged Condensate Drain Line

An HVAC technician inspects your AC system to find any irregularities, including examining all its inlets and outlets. HVAC technicians unclog your condensate drains and extract standing water from your condensate pan to prevent any sludge from seeping into the condenser pump and motors.

You will notice side effects rather quickly when significant components are affected. Blower fans, motors, condenser pumps, filters, and coils are all critical to HVAC functions, directly impacting one another.

AC Tune-up

AC tune-ups are between cleaning and repairing. An AC tune-up services your system to boost your air conditioning's functions.

It means cleaning certain aspects and replacing others to help give your AC the boost it needs this summer. You can expect to pay a little more than routine cleaning for an AC tune-up cost.

However, you will save money by enlisting tune-up services because it saves you from paying higher repair costs in the future.

Recharging Refrigerant 

A refrigerant recharge tops off refrigerant levels in case your AC unit is experiencing a refrigerant leak. Unlike dirty filters, leaks are more easily noticeable.

After lowering the temperature settings, you may still feel warm air from your air conditioner. The first external indicators you might see are puddles around AC units. You may also notice inexplicable water stains.

Refrigerants are long-lasting and don't typically have a shelf life. However, you may deplete levels due to refrigerant leaks. The absence of these chemicals circulating around coils makes temperature alterations impossible.

Mending SATURATED Coils

Your indoor and outdoor coils are exposed to various elements. An overflow from drain lines, residue from air filters, and leaks can all saturate coils. While it isn't common, buffing or replacing evaporator and condenser coils may come with your AC service.

In case your AC service calls for treating your coils, you may pay slightly higher than routine maintenance costs.

Minor AC Repair

If you aren't willing to pay for its routine maintenance cost, you can expect to pay more for HVAC system repairs. Remember, AC tune-up costs more than cleaning, but it can only cost half as much as a major HVAC system repair.

While not all HVAC repairs will cost you an arm and a leg, problems with your compressor might be enough to give you a chill without any cool air. If you have minor issues, you may only pay minor repair costs.

HVAC System Repair Costs

Malfunctioning coils don't always call for replacement. Servicing them may only require cleaning. However, other components may require major repairs. Hopefully, you only deal with shot motors and control panels, which only cost $20 to $200 to remedy.

Sometimes, labor costs aren't factored into the price. Still, replacing wires and handling motors are relatively inexpensive.

Malfunctioning Fan Motor

A faulty fan motor prevents air conditioning. Something caught in the fan blades may be overworking your motors.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard your motor works, there won't be any air circulation blowing through your AC unit. Air distribution from your air vents and handlers is not the only "airflow." Air circulation includes internal airflow, facilitating resource circulation that keeps components from overheating.

Faulty Electrical Connections

Speaking of overheating, faulty electrical connections are more likely to lead to such malfunctions. It may also lead to short-circuiting, eventually blowing a fuse.

The most common emergency AC service calls include problems with wiring because of the fire hazards they pose. Some AC systems have more wiring and pose greater threats. Some AC systems also have more components which may call for higher AC maintenance costs.

What Kind of Air Conditioner Do You Have?

Do you have one outdoor air conditioning unit connected to various air vents around your house? You might have multiple outdoor units independently linked to one or two indoor air handlers.

As you can see, there are many different kinds of air conditioners. Read more below to find out which kind of AC unit you have at home.

Different AC Maintenance Costs

Ducted Central AC Systems

Central air conditioners only have one outdoor unit, called the condenser. Does that mean a reduced AC maintenance cost?

No, it doesn't. You may have extensive ductwork that requires cleaning, repairing, or replacing. Remember, holistic HVAC maintenance means comprehensive cleaning and tune-up.


Ductwork also requires regular maintenance. Any build-up within air ducts may hinder airflow and surge energy bills. Your HVAC unit blows airflow in and out of your air ducts. Your ductwork may breed the contaminants blowing through your air.

Ductless Mini-split Air Conditioning Systems

An air conditioning unit only sometimes comes with ductwork. Newer HVAC systems don't come with air ducts. They facilitate airflow using the same blower fans and motors. However, a ductless air conditioning unit has two separate components that are linked through coils.

Indoor and Outdoor coils

Older AC units typically have failing evaporator coils. It is always closely examined by HVAC technicians when you get your unit inspected the older it gets.

The evaporator coil is responsible for absorbing your home's ambient heat. If your evaporator coil gets overwhelmed, you can expect to pay more on your energy bills. You can keep energy costs at bay, even with larger units, by paying attention to the condition of all your coils.

Is an AC Service Worth It?

We should ask, "how much does neglecting an AC service cost?" An AC service calls for at least $50 and up to $500, but an entirely new AC unit costs at least $2,000.

Foregoing your annual air conditioner maintenance will cost you more. Regular maintenance and AC tune-up cost less and keep your air conditioning unit stable, reliable, and energy efficient.

Do You Need Reliable Air Conditioner Maintenance Service in Portland?

If you are looking for reliable HVAC companies in Portland, Oregon, look no further. Sunset Heating & Cooling provides comprehensive AC Maintenance for residents all over Portland and neighboring areas, including West Linn, Dayton, and Lake Oswego!

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What Our Clients Say

Caring, professional and helpful. Thanks for making things happen quickly and getting my Dear friend's heating back up and running in such a quick manner. You went above and beyond for a family in need and that is very much appreciated. Thanks from the whole group!

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Jeremy was prompt and friendly. He did a great job of servicing our ac and explaining what he did. Great customer service!

-Jennifer M.

The Sunset team who sold and installed a new furnace and AC unit in my condominium were wonderful. They were knowledgeable, professional, thorough, respectful and friendly. They went the extra mile to be sure other residents were not impacted and I was happy. They took special care to leave no trace of their being here, except for new and vastly improved heating and cooling system.

-Kaki B.

Sunset went out of their way to help with my project and David was amazing. Great job and look forward to future projects.

-Todd T.

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