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When the summer temperatures surge in Tigard, there's nothing more vital than a properly functioning air conditioning system to keep your home an oasis of cool comfort. 

But even the most robust AC eventually needs some professional care to stay in peak form against our area's heat waves. That's where the certified experts at Sunset Heating & Cooling come in, with a century of HVAC service expertise backing us up.

AC Ready for Summer Checklist

Our team understands the intricate nature of modern cooling equipment like few others. Through comprehensive tune-ups, cleaning, recalibrations, and precision repairs, we breathe new life into underperforming or faltering AC units. 

It's a meticulous renewal process optimizing every component from the inside out - leaving you with energy-efficient, reliable cooling power that puts sweltering summer days back in their place. Don't resign yourself to heat misery or paying sky-high utility bills. Call Sunset at (503) 500-5866 for the area's most trusted name in air conditioning restoration!

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    When your cooling system isn't performing quite right, Sunset's first step is always a comprehensive diagnostic examination. Our certified technicians rely on specialized tools and years of training to thoroughly inspect and test every component and control circuit. 

    We're talking in-depth evaluations of your thermostat calibrations, electrical connections, airflow readings, compressor operations - you name it. Leave it to our experts to systematically pinpoint the root causes behind any disruptive issues like freezing coils, refrigerant leaks, or failed controls.


    With problems precisely identified, it's time for Sunset's repair team to get hands-on. Depending on the situation, we could be looking at intricate coil cleanings, refrigerant recharging to factory specifications, concrete part replacements for worn components, or even full system overhauls. 

    But no matter the fix, you can count on our technicians adhering to a strict book of best practices specific to your AC's make and model. We make it a point to fully explain the recommended repairs too, answering any questions you may have along the way.


    Cutting corners is never an option at Sunset. Before we consider any repair job complete, we go through an exhaustive series of operational tests and recalibrations under a wide range of conditions. We're verifying thermostat programming accuracy, tracking energy consumption data, evaluating temperature splits, pressure readings - you get the idea. Only once we've achieved that target of peak cooling capacity do we give the all-clear.

    Satisfaction Checkpoint

    Of course, the real measure of a job well done is your complete satisfaction as a valued customer. Before packing up our tools, a Sunset technician walks you through the executed repairs and restored system performance. We'll show you how to properly maintain your air conditioner too, providing all the hands-on tips and product guidance you need. Rest assured, we're not leaving until you've got that comfortable cool house and any lingering questions are answered.

    For over a century, this has been the Sunset Heating & Cooling's time-tested approach to HVAC repairs in Tigard, OR. It's the reason so many local homeowners trust us to extend their cooling investments for years of reliable, efficient operation. Why settle for anything less than our skilled repair expertise?

    Common AC Repairs in Tigard, OR

    With Tigard’s intense summer heat and humidity, our home air conditioning systems simply don’t get a break. Our hard-working cooling machines run virtually non-stop for months on end. As you’d expect from any heavyweight equipment, general wear-and-tear eventually takes its toll – even on the most robust units.

    Sunset’s certified repair technicians have seen it all when it comes to AC breakdowns and failures in the Tigard area. Through decades of experience, we’ve become experts at diagnosing and resolving some of the most common cooling system issues local homeowners tend to face:

    Refrigerant Leaks

    Modern ACs rely on a precise refrigerant charge to facilitate the heat transfer process. Leaks that develop in coils or line connections allow that chemical to escape, severely impacting cooling performance and efficiency. Our team utilizes leak detection tools to find and repair these elusive problems.

    Failed Compressors

    As the heart pumping life into your entire cooling system, a burnt out or failing compressor is guaranteed trouble. Sunset’s techs are equipped to replace these costly components when repair isn’t viable, restoring your AC’s cooling muscle.

    Frozen Evaporator Coils

    When airflow becomes restricted, those crucial indoor coils can ice over – obstructing heat absorption and leaving you perspiring at home. We have specialized equipment to safely defrost coils and address the root causes like dirty filters or blower issues.

    Faulty Wiring & Electrical Shorts

    With so many electrical terminals and control boards, problems like deteriorated insulation or loose wiring inevitably crop up as ACs age. Our experts can reliably track down any shorts, overload conditions, or open circuits causing cooling interruptions.

    Thermostat Malfunctions

    It may be a simple component, but a miscalibrated or failing AC thermostat can wreak havoc when it provides bad data to your system’s controls. Expect an easy diagnosis and thermostat replacement from Sunset’s team as needed.

    From seemingly small nuisances to larger-scale cooling calamities, you can count on Sunset to accurately troubleshoot the root problems – then implement the most cost-effective, long-lasting solutions. Don’t let a repair issue turn into an early system replacement scenario. Our technicians have the knowledge and skills to extend your cooling investment’s lifespan!

    Thermostat Repair vs Replacement

    While it may be an unassuming little wall fixture, your home’s thermostat plays an oversized role in your cooling system’s performance. This smart sensor serves as the brain and control center regulating when your air conditioner fires up and cycles off in response to temperature readings. Even tiny thermostat inaccuracies can severely disrupt your home comfort and send energy costs skyrocketing.

    At Sunset Heating & Cooling, we frequently encounter thermostat issues during service calls. Perhaps yours has become uncalibrated over time, displaying the wrong temperatures. Or maybe the unit itself has an electrical fault like dead batteries or shorted wiring causing it to behave erratically. In some cases, we see physical damage from thermostats being bumped or abused leading to system malfunctions.

    So when your AC isn’t responding properly to temperature requests or cycling as expected, it’s wise to have one of our certified technicians inspect things. We have the specialized tools and testing procedures to isolate any thermostat faults compared to other potential system issues.

    The Repair Route

    Oftentimes, thermostat problems can be simply and cost-effectively remedied through some professional repair work. Our team may just need to recalibrate software settings, clear out dust buildup, replace power sources like batteries or backup cables, or reseat any loose wiring connections. We can usually get those minor thermostat glitches resolved quickly to restore reliable cooling control.

    Full Replacement Recommendation

    However, Sunset’s technicians also realize there are instances when repair is no longer a viable or cost-effective option – especially for aging or obsolete thermostat models suffering from physical damage or fried circuit boards. In these cases, we recommend thermostat replacement for optimal system performance and energy efficiency.

    The latest smart/WiFi thermostat technology gives you much more customized control over your home comfort levels too. We can guide you through all the exciting options for upgrading to modern 7-day programmable or smartphone/voice-activated models. Many even provide energy usage tracking and automated adjustments for bigger utility savings!

    It doesn’t matter if the solution calls for basic thermostat repair or a full replacement upgrade, you can count on Sunset’s expertise. We’ll ensure your air conditioning system has the proper temperature control center calibrated for reliable cooling and your ideal home comfort!

    How are AC Knocking Noises Repaired?

    For Tigard area homeowners, few cooling system issues are quite as unsettling as hearing your air conditioner start making loud, irregular knocking sounds. Those alarming thumps and bangs seem to reverberate through entire houses – instantly raising concerns about potential breakdowns on sweltering summer days.

    While knocking noises can certainly signal major AC problems, there’s no need to panic just yet. Experienced techs from Sunset Heating & Cooling have seen this issue many times before. With some skilled diagnostic work, we can quickly get to the root cause and implement the proper noise-nixing repairs.

    Common Culprits Behind Knocking

    So what’s typically to blame for all that ruckus? Our experts find a few key components and mechanisms tend to be frequent offenders:

    • Loose Parts & Panels – Over years of constant operation and vibration, screws, bolts, and even larger AC cabinet paneling can start to work loose. This allows internal components to shake and rattle around erratically whenever your system cycles on. Tightening everything back down usually resolves knocking in these cases.
    • Failing Blower Motors & Housings – That blower motor responsible for circulating air through your home has a tough job. As it wears down over time, internal bearings can cause the shaft to knock loudly against its housing. Blower replacements or rebalancing are often recommended.
    • Compressor Hardening – Compressor units contain numerous internal mechanisms that can start knocking if they stiffen up and lose lubrication over years of cooling cycles. Compressor replacements are sometimes needed.
    • Rattling Ductwork – In some cases, the real source of knocking sounds actually traces back to your ductwork runs rather than the indoor/outdoor AC units themselves. Air handlers can cause ducts to shake around as they expand from temperature changes.

    The Diagnostic Process

    The first step for Sunset’s team is to run your AC through a series of operational cycles while listening for the precise location of any knocking sounds – their rhythms and patterns provide diagnostic clues. We also inspect components using specialized tools that can detect alignment issues and worn bearings.

    Repair Solutions

    Once we’ve confirmed the problematic mechanism, repairs could involve anything from simple part lubrications and bolt-tightening to more involved corrective actions like blower rebalancing or full component replacements. Count on us to execute noise-mitigating solutions with a focus on restoring quiet, efficient cooling for your peace of mind.

    While the occurrence of sudden knocking sounds can certainly startle any homeowner, try not to panic. More often than not, our certified technicians can quickly diagnose and repair the underlying causes behind that racket. A little professional preventative maintenance goes a long way in avoiding major cooling calamities!

    Can AC Compressors Be Repaired?

    Your compressor unit is easily the hardest working component. This heavy-duty mechanism is tasked with circulating refrigerant through an endless cycle of pressure and phase changes facilitating the heat transfer process. It’s a tough job operating under intense workloads and temperatures.

    Given such demanding duties, it’s no surprise that compressor failures tend to be one of the most frequent – and costly – AC repair issues Sunset’s technicians encounter. Whether it’s seized bearings, electrical malfunctions, or simply general wear and tear from years of nonstop operation, a burnt-out compressor inevitably disrupts your home cooling.

    Compressor Replacement – The Standard Fix

    In the majority of cases, Sunset’s certified techs recommend full compressor replacement as the most reliable, long-term solution. Modern units contain so many intricate components and sophisticated designs that comprehensive rebuilds or repairs aren’t really cost-effective options anymore.

    We realize replacements represent a major investment for homeowners. However, attempting partial fixes often just provides band-aid results leading to premature failures down the road.

    When you factor in the labor costs of multiple repair calls, a new higher-efficiency compressor frequently pays for itself through recouped energy savings over just a few years.

    Repair Potential for Newer Units

    There can be exceptions where repair may be viable – particularly for compressors still under the manufacturer’s warranty or only experiencing minor issues like failed hard-start components. For instance, our team has the specialized equipment to reliably convert systems over to different refrigerant types when those original commodity supplies get depleted.

    For units less than 5 years old, Sunset might attempt repairs first to see if economical solutions like replacing a compressor motor or recharging with modern refrigerant can restore reliable operation. We’ll certainly advise you if compressor preservation attempts seem futile based on the diagnostic findings though.

    The Compressor Burnout Warning Signs

    To avoid unexpected inventory shortages and rush fees, our team recommends watching for these common signs of impending compressor burnout:

    • Unusually loud operating noises or knocking sounds
    • Strained cooling performance despite being serviced
    • Refrigerant leaks allowing low pressure conditions
    • System frequently cycling on and off erratically

    By catching developing compressor faults early through regular preventative maintenance, Sunset can plan repairs proactively for your convenience and budget.

    While compressor repairs can sometimes be an option, replacements with modern high-efficiency units is the only surefire way to restore reliable cooling performance and efficiency for years to come. Don’t get caught in a costly repair cycle – trust Sunset’s expertise!

    Cost Factors for AC Repair

    When your home’s cooling system develops performance issues or breaks down entirely, Tigard homeowners naturally want to know one thing – how much are these repairs going to cost? While outright replacement may sometimes be unavoidable for aging units, Sunset Heating & Cooling always aims to implement the most cost-effective fix first when possible. We realize new air conditioning installations represent major investments.

    The reality is that AC repair pricing can vary significantly based on several key factors our certified technicians must account for:

    Problem Diagnosis

    Before ever quoting a repair cost, we have to put in the labor to diagnose the root causes of any cooling faults through component testing and operational assessments. Major issues like compressor failures or duct leaks certainly cost more to fix than simple part swaps.

    Parts & Materials

    Not all AC components are created equal either. While items like contactors and capacitors are very affordable, repairing or replacing major units like condenser coils, motors, or thermostats understandably cost more due to their complexity and refrigerant handling requirements.

    Repair Complexity

    A seasoned pro can swap out a faulty blower motor in a couple of hours. But a refrigerant leak repair job requiring evacuating lines, replacing driers, and then recharging the entire system takes much more labor – which translates to higher costs. Compressor replacements and coil leaks rank among the most intensive.

    Preventative Maintenance History

    We always advise homeowners to keep cooling systems on a regular annual tune-up schedule. This proactive service helps us catch developing faults early before they escalate into bigger problems requiring complex repairs. Well-maintained units cost less to fix versus ones suffering from cumulative neglect over years.

    While Sunset provides firm price quotes upfront once we diagnose the specific issue and repair requirements, be wary of companies throwing out phone estimates without ever inspecting things in person. Our technicians take pride in counseling each customer on the most economical and effective repair solutions based on their unique situation.

    How Long Does an AC Repair Visit Typically Take?

    In addition to understanding the key cost factors involved in air conditioning repairs, many homeowners also want to know – how long is this actually going to take? After all, going without cooling relief during Tigard’s scorching summer months is nobody’s idea of fun. You need your home’s cool oasis back online as quickly as possible.

    At Sunset Heating & Cooling, we fully understand that sentiment. Our certified technicians are masters at implementing comprehensive AC repairs with maximum efficiency so household disruptions are kept to an absolute minimum. Through decades of experience and a streamlined workflow process, we can accurately estimate service timeframes for most jobs.

    Basic Part Swaps – 1 to 2 Hours

    On the quicker end, we’re looking at repairs involving relatively straightforward component replacements like failed condensate pumps, contactors, run capacitors, and more. As long as we’ve got the replacement part on hand, these tend to be straight in-and-out jobs measured in just an hour or two of labor.

    Refrigerant Issues – 2 to 3 Hours

    Whether it’s a full system recharge after a leak or just some calibration work, any repairs involving your AC’s refrigerant levels and pressures take more time and care to get right. Sunset’s techs follow best practices to properly recover, evacuate, and recharge to manufacturer specifications. Expect visits around that 2-3 hour range.

    Coil Leaks & Compressor Replacements – 4+ Hours

    Among the most intensive repair services, coil leaks and compressor replacements rank as potentially all-day projects for our team to complete properly. We’re not just swapping out these complex components – intricate refrigerant work, electrical reconnections, system testing, and more factor in too.

    Now these are just general timeframe estimates – factors like system age, configuration quirks, and repair complexities could extend things in some rare cases. But you can count on Sunset adhering to strict start-and-end windows we provide during scheduling.

    Our technicians are also more than happy to provide routine status updates for those more involved job sites. We know there’s nothing more frustrating than being left wondering about repair progress while trying to manage work and family obligations. At Sunset, keeping you informed is a top priority!

    Benefits of Professional Repair

    With Tigard’s scorching summer temperatures, a well-running air conditioning system isn’t just a matter of home comfort – it’s an absolute necessity for health and safety. Which is why you can’t afford to trust just any handyman or weekend warrior when cooling problems arise. For repairs delivering lasting performance and peace of mind, you need the skilled expertise only professionals like Sunset Heating & Cooling can provide.

    Sure, you might be able to find general repair guides online for basic “do-it-yourself” AC fixes. But modern cooling systems contain extremely intricate components and controls that require specialized training to properly service. Leave it to Sunset’s NATE-certified technicians to get the job done right the first time while avoiding these common DIY pitfalls:

    Misdiagnosed Root Causes

    What seems like a simple problem can often be a symptom of larger issues amateur repairers struggle to identify. Our experts rely on specialized tools and decades of experience to accurately trace faults and implement comprehensive repair solutions – not just keep chasing efforts.

    Safety Risks

    Air conditioning units utilize potent chemical refrigerants and hazardous electrical voltages that are extremely dangerous in untrained hands. Don’t expose your home and family to poisoning, shock, fire, or environmental risks – our techs follow strict EPA protocols for safe handling.

    Costly Mistakes

    While buying generic replacement parts might save a few bucks upfront, those inferior components rarely meet efficiency and longevity standards. We invest in quality factory-approved materials to execute repairs properly the first time around.

    Compliance Issues

    Many municipal codes and HOA covenants have strict requirements about who can work on HVAC systems due to the environmental impacts. As a licensed professional contractor, Sunset’s work is always fully permitted and to code.

    Voided Warranties

    Most manufacturer’s equipment warranties become null and void if annual maintenance and all repairs aren’t performed by certified pros. Why risk aging your system prematurely?

    At Sunset, our priority is implementing skilled, comprehensive AC repair solutions that restore reliable cooling while maximizing your system’s potential lifespan and efficiency. With an affordable service call and free estimate, isn’t it worth trusting the area’s most experienced professionals? There’s simply no substitute for expertise when it comes to your home comfort.


    Maintenance Plans

    Regular maintenance is crucial to keeping your HVAC systems working efficiently and safely. When you sign up for our Sunset Service Plan, not only do you get an annual inspection and tune-up of your system, but you also have the added benefit of working with a team that knows your unit’s repair and maintenance history.

    • Visual Ductwork Inspection: ($79 Value)
    • Your Plan is transferable if you move to another home in the Portland area or given to buyer of home you are selling
    • 15% off any additional services or repairs
    • Peace of mind knowing that your HVAC system is in good hands.
    • Indoor Air Quality Evaluation: ($79 Value)
    • Plans start at as little as $16.50/ month for one unit.
    • Priority scheduling for any service
    • High Performance Tune-up.
    View Maintenance Plans

    Your Cool Oasis Awaits with Sunset

    When summer temperatures soar in the Tigard area, you need a reliable HVAC partner to keep your home’s interior a refreshing, perfectly chilled retreat. For generations, Sunset Heating & Cooling has been the trusted name Tigard families call on for exceptional cooling services and uncompromising customer care.

    From basic annual tune-ups and seasonal start-ups to complex repair issues or full system replacements, our certified technicians possess the skills and experience to handle any job with meticulous precision. We continually invest in rigorous training and cutting-edge diagnostic tools to quickly identify cooling faults and implement smart, long-lasting solutions that maximize energy efficiency.

    What truly sets Sunset apart is our team’s steadfast commitment to doing things the right way – every step of the process. You can count on open, honest communication regarding your system’s condition and recommended services. We take immense pride in our workmanship’s attentiveness to detail too, treating your home comfort needs with the same care as our own.

    Disruptions are kept to a bare minimum thanks to a refined service approach honed over 100 years. We fully appreciate that summer heat waves don’t follow a convenient schedule! When urgent repairs are needed, Sunset’s technicians are ready to swiftly restore your cool sanctuary.

    Here in the Tigard area, Sunset isn’t just another AC company – we’re your neighbors. This community has been our home and driving passion for over a century now. We take immense pride in being the local cooling experts generations of area families have trusted to keep them comfortable through the hottest months.

    Don’t resign yourself to suffering through another sweltering summer crossing your fingers and hoping your system can limp along. Stay one step ahead by calling the crew you can trust – Sunset Heating & Cooling at (503) 500-5866. We’ll make sure you’re able to just sit back and enjoy the sunshine in perfectly chilled peace of mind!

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