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The air conditioner is such a central part of the home that it’s impossible to imagine life without it. Sometimes, this might even mean that homeowners forget it’s there at all—that is, they forget it’s there until it’s gone.

When the AC breaks down, you’ll need reliable and professional service to get it working again. Our team at Sunset Heating & Cooling knows how crucial it is that you get the help you need, and we’re always ready to provide for our Dayton, OR neighbors. Trust us to give you the cooling services you deserve!

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AC Maintenance Can be a Lifesaver!

The air conditioner is a sturdy piece of equipment, but like anything else, it does need to be treated with appropriate care. Homeowners benefit from routine maintenance in the following ways:

  • The unit lasts longer and at a higher efficiency
  • The air flowing through the home stays clean and healthy
  • Less risk of sudden emergencies that need repair

Along with all this, homeowners can also save money on utility costs since a well-maintained system won’t use up as much energy as a poorly-maintained one.

Depend on Our AC Repair

If you notice that your utility costs grow month by month, or that the household has started coughing or sneezing more frequently, it might be a sign that our air conditioner needs repair. It’s always best to handle these things as quickly as possible, since ignoring them can only make them worse.

In the case of air conditioning trouble, it’s always best to leave the task of repairing the unit to licensed professionals. It wouldn’t do to try a DIY job and end up making matters worse!

At your call, our experienced technicians will drive over, diagnose the problem, and offer you the best repair options. Nothing starts without your say so, and you can trust our team to keep you informed on all major decisions!

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AC Replacement When You Need It

Whether due to age or some sudden and severe accident, there might come a time when your air conditioner no longer works even with repair. In times like these, having someone on hand for easy air conditioner replacement service is a must.

You probably need to replace your AC if:

  • The unit is reaching 20 years old
  • Repairs have gotten more and more necessary
  • The home can’t stay cool even after repairs

Waiting too long for replacement service can have disastrous effects, and might even affect household health due to poor indoor air quality. Call now for a new and improved air conditioner!

We at Sunset Heating & Cooling will always look out for the air conditioning needs of Dayton, OR. Call us on (503) 500-5866 or contact us online to schedule cooling service right away!